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One More Day

One More Day - Shirleen Davies In ‘One More Day,’ Cameron Sinclair and Lainey are easily one of the most romantic couples I’ve read so far from Shirleen Davies. There is an intense and strong energy between them that just electrifies the pages. As they try to sort through their feelings for each other, there is plenty of other things going on that comes with both of them being a part of the Search and Rescue team. Along with that, Lainey has her own obstacles from her past to conquer.

There is lots of suspense to be had as well, only starting with the threats that Lainey soon finds herself getting after relocating to northern Arizona. Even with her handsome hero to help her out, Lainey is independent and determined to hold her ground and protect what’s important to her to the best of her own abilities.

This was a really enjoyable read from start to finish, and I look forward to reading more from the MacLarens of Fire Mountain!