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Firelight - Sophie Jordan I finally got around to reading this, and I wasn’t a disappointed dragon enthusiast. ‘Firelight’ had just the right amount of magic, teen angst and romance to keep me turning the pages. All of the characters in here are dynamic and uniquely intriguing in their own ways, whether they are one of the draki, human, or a hunter. The hunters definitely had a fierce and lethal edge to them, with the exception of Jacinda’s love interest, Will. Written in the style of star-crossed lovers, naturally everything that can go wrong and tear these two apart does, but not in a predictable fashion.

Probably the only point loss for me after reading this was how there is supposedly this other evil organization referred to as the ‘Enkros’, but even after shaking the book upside down, I wasn’t able to pull much info on just who, what, where and why they exist. What I did gather was that they’re dangerous and with some luck they will be better revealed in the next book.

Overall, ‘Firelight’ is a great read and I look forward to continuing on to the next!