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The Romanticks

The Romanticks - Joanna Gray 'The Romanticks' is a fun and lovable story about Emma, who is a witch responsible for helping to bring soulmates together, and in the case of the more strongly connected ones, prevent catastrophic environmental effects from happening should they fall apart. They are guided by their dreams to the people in need of a hand, until Emma's hometown gets hit with dangerous weather and there is no dream to lead them in the right direction. Emma and her family, who are also Romaquars, must then pull together all of their resources to figure out which soulmates are being pulled apart from each other. On top of that, things aren't as easy for Emma's romantic life, leading her to doubt herself and whether she will ever find her happiness by finding her own soulmate.

With lots of teen angst and gripping tension as the story progresses, Joanna Gray has created an enjoyable romantic story for the young adult audience (or the YA at heart) with memorable characters, and I look forward to reading more of this trilogy!