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Eon: Dragoneye Reborn
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Jack Canon's Women of the House

Jack Canon's Women of the House - Greg Sandora Following his win for presidency, Cannon has his mind set on keeping his promises for the American people. Along with this, he has the challenge of making up for the stress and chaos put on his closest friends for helping him to reach the top. 'Women of the House' focuses mainly around the needs of the women who help keep everything at the White House up and running, and the sexual tensions between them and the president.
Greg Sandora pulls you into the luxurious lifestyle and danger that constantly stalks the high position of politicians and the people around them. I really liked how things came together for Tip, and how all the characters continued to evolve from the first book. Canon grows to be even more of a lovable character, and even more flirty and romantic. He has his hands full as he has to balance his attention with Sandy and Daphne, while avoiding the jealous gaze of his own wife. Saving the world from the greed of the elite rich looks to be the easier part.
‘Women of the House’ has a fulfilling ending, but I still look forward to the next book as it doesn't look like Canon's work is done anytime soon.