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Killgrace and the Faithless

Killgrace and the Faithless - C. Price ‘Killgrace and the Faithless’ is an intriguing time travel sci-fi that takes Susan into the past with her accompanying alien, to a once-technologically advanced world that mysteriously evacuated the planet on a wide scale.

Susan gets labelled as a ‘Faithless’ and imprisoned by the local primitives who remain, and it has the effect of slowing down her search for answers, while she wonders just where the alien scientist, Cet, vanished to. She befriends fellow ‘Faithless’ shortly after and strives to help them, but it’s a difficult struggle with only pre-technology resources available. The mystery of the missing inhabitants of the planet kept me glued in suspense till the end. Although a hard science fiction, ‘Killgrace’ will still touch you on an emotional level with Susan’s struggles and who she befriends.

This book reminded me in some ways of the movie ‘Outlander’ which I enjoyed a lot as well, and is equally as unpredictable and entertaining. Though a short read, I still felt connected to the characters and their situations, and I couldn’t put this story down till I finished it. I look forward to reading more of the Killgrace series!