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Faster Than the Rest

Faster Than the Rest - Shirleen Davies
Happening a year after 'Tougher Than the Rest', we follow Jamie and his conflicts of the heart when he rescues an old flame who left him once for a man with money. Things quickly get more complicated than that and soon nothing is as it seems, or safe.

As one of the four brothers of the 'MacLarens of Fire Mountain' series, Jamie gains a great deal of discipline in becoming a U.S. Marshal after becoming troubled for a while after his heart is broken. When the law comes after Victoria, this creates a lot of conflict. He was a great character to see on his own, and is now my favourite of the brothers. Victoria was a really strong heroine as well, likely from her past experiences that are nothing short of cruel and cold. Despite being the lady in distress, she keeps her head high and her focus on dealing with and moving past her troubles.

'Faster Than the Rest' is a great western romance read for those who enjoy realistic and complex characters, whether you're continuing from the previous book or reading it as a standalone.