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Slow Burn

Slow Burn - Bobby Adair This book was scary enough to give me nightmares! I found Zed to be a great example of a well done anti-hero, well, at least in the beginning, as his character then evolves more into a hero. As the world around him falls apart by a zombie disease, he keeps his focus on saving himself and doing what he can for only his friends who have stuck their necks out for him. His character growth from nothing in life to expert in taking on a world of death was believable and engrossing. Zed and his surviving friends are ‘slow burners’ who have the smell and look of zombies, but still have their minds that are not overtaken by madness and primal urges.

The world building is so well done that it soon becomes easy to get the shivers from this book. While most zombie books are fantasy-like and easy to distinguish from our reality, Bobby Adair goes the extra mile to pull you into his terrifyingly created one. I can’t wait for the next book!