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Swept Up By the Sea: A Romantic Fairy Tale
Tracy Hickman, Laura Hickman
Eon: Dragoneye Reborn
Alison Goodman

Song of the Aura

Song of the Aura - Gregory J. Downs Gribly has a unique gift that helps with his thievery; as a Sand Strider he can scale up and down anything made of sand and stone like a gecko. When his powers catch the eye of a demon sorcerer, he finds himself running for his life. With the help of friends made along the way, they set out to find the Aura with the hope of stopping the evil that is posed to destroy the world.

This was a highly-enjoyable coming of age story, that tests the strength of friendship and magic in a beautifully developed epic fantasy world, filled with dragons, nymphs and demons just to name a few. Lauro and Elia were strong characters as well who hold their own, and are as complex and interesting as Gribly himself.

Though this certainly isn't a short read (with six volumes of the series in one) it's a refreshingly unique and riveting one to invest in.