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Life After Life
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Swept Up By the Sea: A Romantic Fairy Tale
Tracy Hickman, Laura Hickman
Eon: Dragoneye Reborn
Alison Goodman

Legally Obligated

Legally Obligated - Jenna Amstel Raisa is a smart and independent woman, who has just been let off from her job as a marketing assistant. On her last day as employed, her colleagues take her out to the bar. But her bad luck takes a dive for the worse when she is pulled over for drinking and driving afterwards.

Willing herself to stay strong and not run to her parents for help, she goes to court without much hope of getting off. Then a guy who she had seen at the bar shows up to her rescue--wanting to represent her.

After that, things get really hot and intense, as Lance isn't about to let her go without his idea of payment, no matter how chaste she tries to remain. 'Legally Obligated' is a short, intensely erotic read built on an enjoyable storyline and sexy characters.