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The Binary Year

The Binary Year - Anna Maslin 'The Binary Year' gives an interesting look into what goes on for those who wish to become foster parents. Having spent two years as a ward in foster care myself, I knew little of the challenges that my foster parents faced, but I did get enough negative daily feedback from their stress. Of the three homes I was in, only one of them could compare to just how smoothly Anna fostered her children.

This semi-autobiographical account was both entertaining and inspiring, as it follows one woman's year and that of her family through their triumphs and hardships in the form of a diary. Despite the sacrifices and lifestyle changes, Anna Maslin proves to be smart and resourceful, and shows just how much it is worth it in the end to be able to help children. Though expanding one's family is most definitely not an easy road or for those who give up easily. Overall, this was a very enjoyable story!