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Crimzon and Clover - Collection One

Crimzon and Clover - Collection One - M.R. Mathias In 'Crimzon and Clover,’ a young woman and her dragon fight against evil and search to find their place in the world. As they do, they become closer friends where under different circumstances they would be enemies, though there are some harsh challenges before them. I found Clover to be a strong heroine in this man-ruled fantasy world, and her dragon has some handy strengths all his own. When they are together, both of them can accomplish just about anything.

M. R. Mathias has weaved together a magical adventure filled with surprises and complex characters, both human and fantastical, that only a master of fantasy literature can satisfyingly assemble into a series of short stories.

For dragon enthusiasts, this is a must-have book, and an enjoyable read for older teen fantasy fans and adults to add to their collection.