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Mischief on Albemarle

Mischief on Albemarle - Vivian Roycroft Jane Austen fans will find "Mischief on Albemarle" an absolute treat, as Vivian Roycroft takes us back to a time of Lords and Ladies in Regency England in this romantic tale.

Her father wishes for Beryl to marry, and with her being in love with Fitz since their childhood, one would think this was easy--if he would just grow up already. When a Duke enters the picture and effortlessly sweeps her off of her feet, it just might be the eye-opener Fitz needs, if he's not already too late.

Roycroft's writing style pulls you in and keeps you there, with vibrant and fun characters who come to life off of the page. "Mischief on Albemarle" is a quick, highly-enjoyable romantic read to cuddle up to on a sunny afternoon.