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Life After Life
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Erica Ridley
Sky's End
Lesley Young
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Scott Appleton
Racing with the Wind
Regan Walker
Swept Up By the Sea: A Romantic Fairy Tale
Tracy Hickman, Laura Hickman
Eon: Dragoneye Reborn
Alison Goodman

Twisted River: a Novel

Twisted River: a Novel - Jeff Napolitano Like its title implies, this is a twisted tale of Christian who returns from his treatment facility with the hope of being with the one girl he'd do anything for. He killed her abusive father, and now he has taken it on himself to salvage her life from where it has fallen to.

But not everyone is like they were when he left, and he soon finds himself up against their horrible intentions. Now he has to see the entirety of what he's up against before it's too late. "Twisted River" is an emotionally compelling story of just how blind love can be, and the lengths that one will go to keep the disillusion of the life they want alive.

With complex and intriguing characters, this is most definitely a book for murder, suspense and drama fans to check out!