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5 Gears Diet: Learn how to drive your body

5 Gears Diet: Learn how to drive your body - Diana Artene This is an essential book for any dieter or anyone thinking of going on a diet in the future. Diana Artene breaks down the right approach to eating into easy steps that even the most novice can follow. No more guessing just what goes on inside your body against different foods and environmental factors!

Some of the things she covers are how to eat only when you're hungry, the best foods to eat, not allowing outside factors dictate your eating habits, and just how dangerous some pills can be.

Forget the latest fad and pick up the facts and science behind healthy eating with this book, and discover how you can get into the right gear with your own unique body and lifestyle. "5 Gears Diet" has been an extremely helpful hand in starting me in the right direction with my own weight loss goals.