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Duplicity - A True Story of Crime and Deceit

Duplicity - A True Story of Crime and Deceit - PAUL  T.  GOLDMAN I don't think I have ever read a true life story quite like this. From page one, Goldman takes the reader along with his pursuit for true love that leads him from one unimaginable scenario to the next--all with his own wife.

Determined to expose his wife for what she is--a prostitute, thief, and a liar of the most unimaginable kind, this is a story that you have to read to believe. "Duplicity" takes readers to a whole new level of how far some will go to make money without any kind of remorse or consideration for the people around them.

True-story crime fans will without a doubt enjoy this book as much as I did, as well as anyone looking for love and wanting to avoid all the wrong turns in doing so.