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The Weight Loss Game: How to Lose and Win!

The Weight Loss Game: How to Lose and Win! - Victoria Fleishman Forget the latest diet fads and get the truth behind losing weight with this book. "The Weight Loss Game" is stuffed with helpful tips to get you on the right track to weight loss and keep you there.

Victoria Fleishman explains how losing weight slowly is better than quickly and how you can adapt lifelong, healthy habits that will make you less likely to fall back to how you ate before. She brings it down to the science and facts with everything from nutritious snacks to exercise habits that can help keep you healthy and full of energy. There is even handy information on organic food and how to get your kids on the right track as well.

"The Weight Loss Game" is without a doubt a must-have guide for anyone trying to lose weight, those who have tried in the past, and for those who are looking for motivation to get started.