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Foxfire - Karen Kincy When Tavian heads to Japan to spend New Year's with his grandparents, he discovers that his mother who abandoned him as a child is very much alive, and his hate for her hits its boiling point. When his powers threaten to kill him because of his human half, he has to move quickly to track down his parents so he can cure himself. Tavian finds himself mixed up in a whole lot of problems; faceless ghosts stalking him, mysteries, his own shapeshifting ailments and the pack of shapeshifting dogs who intend to take a bite out of him while they pursue his mother. But no one can prepare him for just where his father fits into it all.

This was overall a fun, emotional read with delightful characters and action throughout. I wanted to see more of the foxfire magic, but with Tavian `broken' a lot of the time, watching his girlfriend kick butt where necessary was equally entertaining. Although I have not read the previous two books to this series, I was very comfortable in this fantasy world rich with Japanese mythology and culture. The only loss I felt for not reading the previous two books was more time to see Tavian's and Gwen's relationship develop cause they are so cute together!

Foxes do have all the fun, and Foxfire will make you believe just that. I look forward to reading the next book (and backtracking through the previous two to see everything I missed)!