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Life After Life
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Erica Ridley
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Lesley Young
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Scott Appleton
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Swept Up By the Sea: A Romantic Fairy Tale
Tracy Hickman, Laura Hickman
Eon: Dragoneye Reborn
Alison Goodman

Thy Kingdom Fall(After Eden Series, Book 1)

Thy Kingdom Fall(After Eden Series, Book 1) - Austin Dragon The future is no Garden of Eden, and Austin Dragon writes a sharp, realistic picture of just what to possibly expect. As a vivid technothriller, drones and computers watch and monitor everything in our futuristic world. But the real test is whether they will be enough to help stop World War III. "Religion causes wars," and in such an advanced society that we created, it could be the last one.

"Thy Kingdom Fall" is a real treat for sci-fi, political drama and thriller fans that you won't want to put down. This is a book that is guaranteed to make you never look the same way again at our present way of life and beliefs. They could be very different tomorrow. I look forward to reading the sequel, "Stars and Scorpions".